The safety and well-being of our employees and the public is our priority.

 We all have the responsibility to operate vessels safely, avoid distractions while on the water, and do our part to protect ourselves and others.

Welcome To Seattle City Light’s Vessel Operations Training


Training on this platform paves the way to achieve better safety in vessel operations throughout our organization. Designed to increase awareness amongst employees of potential safety issues and operational risks involved with boating at SCL, the training also provides guidance on how to improve safety on the job. Together we can reduce vessel-related accidents by adopting good practices in vessel operations. 

This training applies to all Seattle City Light employees, regular and temporary and covers the use of all vessels by City Light employees. 

How it works

There are two courses on this platform – one is for Deckhands and the other is for Vessel Operators.

Each course contains a number of individual modules each with a quiz at the end.

The modules are:

Vessel Terminology & Systems

Vessel Emergency Management

Risk Assessment & Management

Dockside Safety & Line Handling

Jet Drive Fundamentals

Boat Handling

– Vessel Operators Only


– Vessel Operators Only